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MDA, Israel's national emergency medical & blood services organization, is regarded and esteemed as one of the best emergency medical services in the world.

MDA is the largest voluntary organization in Israel. More than 13 thousand dedicated and talented volunteers from all layers of society operate in it as part of the daily activities.

MDA teams treated during 2014, approximately 700,000 people in Israel and abroad, as well as in special humanitarian operations.




In 2014, rockets were fired by terrorist groups and badly damaged " The Light of Life " Yeshiva in Ashdod Israel. The Yeshiva was a home for 300 children to study in, on shabbat it was used as a Beit Knesset.

We are in the process of reconstructing it and in addition, we anticipate in building a bomb shelter to keep everyone safe. We like to see this happen soon and with your charitable and generous donations, we can get our kids studying and our community back in operation.

Please help us rebuilt the ruins of " The Light of Life " Yeshiva in Ashdod, Israel that was badly damage during a rocket attack by terrioist. The The Light of Life was a home for 300 children.