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About Us

Jews Official brings you the latest Videos from Israel and the Middle East . sharing the Truth about Israel, involving with Israel community and fighting Anti-semitism worldwide.
Jews Official was started in July 2015 by Rabbi Moshe Vaizman, The site has grown tremendously Since then. Jews Official is visited by over 10,000 people every day from over 100 countries around the world and averages 250,000 page-views per month.

Our Goals :

  1. To Tell the truth about Israel .
  2. Fight Anti-semitism around the web – Find out how you can help .
  3. Helping and get involved with israel community – Find out in projects section
  4. Helping people around the world to come visit Israel and see the true beaty of Israel.
  5. Helping and consulting jewish people make Aliya.

Our Projects in Israel

Jews Official attributes supreme importance to the commitment to be involved with and contribute to the Israeli society and community. This privilege to be so involved encourages the us to be steadfast in continuing a longstanding tradition of nurture and investment in education for excellence, investment in children, and support for the generation of the future in Israel.

Jews Official commitment to society and community is part of a long-term vision that our future as a society and country lies within the generation of the future. Educating for leadership and excellence thus symbolizes a striving for a better future here in Israel.


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A business, an organization, a social activist, webmaster, we are ready to cooperate in a variety of fields as long as it is compatible with our values and suitable to the spirit of our organization. please contact us and let’s discuss it.
you can connect us with the social media or in the contact us section anytime .

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Jews Official covers Israel, the Middle East region and the Jewish people in all their facets, aiming to show the full picture in a complex and challenging world.
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