VIDEO: 15 Amazing Sights To See In Israel

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15 Amazing Sights To See In Israel

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From the epic Mount Tabor, to the infamous and widely visited City of David, here are 15 Amazing Sights To See In Israel.

3. Rosh HaNikra Grottoes
The beautiful grottoes of Rosh HaNikra are located on Israel’s coast along the Mediterranean Sea. The white cliffs unroll into caves down below in the water, where on the inside the rock is more various in color. Thanks to the sea waves eroding away at the white chalk, these scenic caves were created, many intersecting with one another to form interesting tunnels. To go see the grotto yourself, a cable car is available for visitors to get you there safely, as the drop to the caves is pretty steep.

2. The Dead Sea
Perhaps one of the most well-known places in Israel is that of the Dead Sea--so named for its high concentration of salt. So high, in fact, that plants and animals cannot survive in the conditions of the Dead Sea. Nearly 10 times saltier than the ocean, the hypersaline waters also mean anyone can float in it, which is why lots of vacation pictures taken at the Dead Sea consist of people aimlessly floating in the water, just relaxing. It is also the deepest lake of its kind in the world, measuring at 304 m, which is almost 1,000 feet in depth.

1. City of David
When it’s a place that shows up in the Bible, of course people are going to come from all over, no matter what your religion is, to come and see the City of David. The archeological site is of an old settlement, with lots of its rich history preserved. Parts of the site people can visit include the Mount of Olives, The Shiloah Pool, The Spring House, and The Central Water Drainage Channel. Visitors get to take a walk through the old ruins where people who lived through famous stories once walked as well.

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